Close the Camps Protest, 7/2/19

Buddhist Action Now was honored to be one of the sponsors for the Close the Camps protest at Republic Square Park last Tuesday. Several of our members joined hundreds of Central Texans to protest the deplorable conditions migrants are subjected to at the US-Mexico border.  People are being imprisoned in grossly overcrowded and unsanitary conditions. Children continue to be separated from their parents. Our local Close the Camps protest was one of 175 events that took place in 40 states on Tuesday. It has been reported that tens of thousands protested nation-wide.

Austin’s Close the Camps protest was reported on local TV news. Thanks to Anne Heinen for the links to TV news coverage. If you click on the links you will see that our Buddhist Action Now sign is clearly visible among the other signs in the crowd. Flint Sparks reports that he saw our sign on a national news report. It is gratifying to be a visible part of Austin’s caring and concerned community.

Even if you were unable to attend the Close the Camps protest you can still help. Please call Senator John Cornyn (202-224-2934) and Senator Ted Cruz (202-224-5922). Please ask them to support humane treatment for migrant people. 

For photos, a free Close the Camps sticker, and a list of actions to support migrants you can text 668366.

KUT's story on the protest has a photo that includes the Buddhist Action Now sign.

And KXAN's story also included a shot with the sign.