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Monk: "What is the one road of Ummon?"
Ummon: "Personal Experience!"
Monk: "What is the Way?"
Ummon: ""Go!"
Monk: "What is the road, where is the Way?"
Ummon: "Begin walking it!

The purpose of Buddhist Action Now is to provide in the public sphere a platform for collective action and speech that manifests and advocates for the dharma values of compassion, wisdom, connection, ethical action, and care. By our Vow we speak out and take action on behalf of all beings, for their liberation and relief from suffering. 

Specifically, we confront and oppose the forces of greed, hatred, ignorance and fear. We provide exemplars of dynamic, diverse, caring and cooperative communities. We work to transform public consciousness and action toward all that is wholesome, connected, caring, and liberating, for all beings and for our planet.

We hold weekly meetings to train, plan, and practice ways to work together in the service of the dharma for this troubled world. Our forum is our main place to share information, discuss issues and concerns, and provide opportunities for action.

Follow the recordings of our meetings on our Soundcloud stream on the Media page; follow the online discussions on the Forum. Keep up with events and activities on the Calendar.

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