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Council Members

Ellen Hippard
Joyce Meadows
Kim Mosley
Peg Syverson


Joel Barna
MJ Bauman
Cris Beato
Sandra Medina Bocangel
Carolyn Bottler
Robin Bradford
Marcy Brenner
Bree Buchanan
David Burks
Miren Carranza
Coleman Coker
Tracy Cramer
Jonathan Crosson
Michelle Cutrer
Carolyn Dower
Nancy Dunham
Greg Emil
Susan Empson
Nate Falck
Sarah Gaertner
Vaughn Grisham
Anne Heinen
Sheila Hoogendam
Aralyn Hughes
Kimberly Judd
Cathy King
Lisa Kuntz
Ann Lipscomb
Vicente Lozano
Paul Maldonado
Sherry Mason
Clayton Maxwell
Joyce Meadows
Carolyn Miles
Joan Mueller
Lila Parrish
Rita Percival
Krzysztof Piekarski
Alina Prax
Jeff Reynolds
Jenny Roquemore
Chris Schulman
Stephanie Seiler
Nathan Smalley
Evan Smith
Monica Solomon
Circe Sturm
Tamara Trager
Tom Vandestadt
Carol Waid
Peter Williams
Eric Williamson
Laurie Winnette
Jean Works
Richard Wright
Janie Zackin